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Deep Linking in YouTube Videos

Saw an interesting post on TechCrunch yesterday. YouTube recently rolled out a new feature that is a welcome addition to their toolbox: deep linking to a point inside a video stream. It’s a very easy implementation, as well. All you need to do is add a ‘#’ at the end of the YouTube URL and then reference the time code following the ‘#’ sign. For example:

Very useful!

Sony PRS-700 eReader

Sony just announced the latest version of the Portable Reader System, the PRS-700. Hop on over to Gearlog for a quick show and tell.

The new version is $400 and includes some nice features. Sony has added a touchscreen for page turns, including turning multiple pages quickly by swiping and holding. A welcome addition is a set of side LED lights for reading in the dark. Sony also announced changes to the online bookstore, which currently truly sucks. I doubt any changes could make it worse.

For complete specs, pics, and complete specifications checkout Sony’s site.


TeleRead has some additional information from the announcement press conference. One thing Paul Biba mentions in the TeleRead post is that this new version is a great deal faster than previous versions and faster than any current competitor. This is apparently due to Sony’s expertise in writing custom drivers and designing the display processor. A faster eReader. Now I really want one of these….