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NMC Symposium on the Evolution of Communication in Second Life

For the last two days, I have been attending a conference sponsored by the New Media Consortium on the Evolution of Communication. The conference is being held wholly in Second Life.

This is the first time I have spent any amount of time in-world and it’s my first real work being done there. I have to say, I have been very skeptical of the use of Second Life for this sort of thing.

But my experience so far has been spectacular. I am using very high-end computers with massive bandwidth, though.
My colleague David Robinson hasn’t had quite as good of an experience going back and forth among different machines, some of which are not the latest hardware.

All things considered, I am more positive about Tulane’s investment of resources in Second Life to build out our island. Participating in a conference like this one has given me some good ideas about how best to use the tool and how not to use it. The conference has been very enlightening and the presentations have been excellent, as is the norm for NMC events.