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New Solid State Drives Ramping Up

I’ve seen several articles and blog posts about solid state drives (SSD) over the last few weeks. Solid state drives use non-volatile flash memory for storage (Wikipedia article). There are many benefits to using them, including radically faster boot times and greater durability (because they have no moving parts).

Engadget has a recent post about the future of pricing for this technology. Unfortunately, though we’ll see a rapid drop in price over the next year or two, pricing does not appear to come in line with the cost of traditional hard drives anytime soon. The gap looks like it will not go below 3x the price per gigabyte of traditional hard drives even by 2010.

Dual Booting Tiger and Ubuntu 6.10 (Edgy Eft) on PowerBook G4

So I recently inherited a PowerBook G4. I had to wipe the drive and install Tiger from scratch, which ended up being a real pain in the ass because this PowerBook only has a CD drive and our copy of Tiger is on DVD. I finally got a working set of CDs to install from and got it up and running. After which I thought, why not setup Ubuntu on this machine. It’ll probably run faster than OSX Tiger on this old hardware.
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