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Google Co-op – Custom Search Engines

So I was working on getting a search engine setup for our new version of the Tulane Technology Services website and I went to check out how to do this with Google. I knew there was a way to do it, but I wasn’t sure what the process for getting it setup was.

As usual, when I got to Google’s customized search information, I was very pleasantly surprised not only by how easy this was to do, but all of the really cool customization and presentation features available. Check out the page for doing this at Google:

Google Co-Op – Custom Search Site

Besides an exclusivity clause, the user agreement looked reasonable. As for exclusivity, is there a real competitor to Google out there to consider? I’d say, No. So it’s not like this is currently a problem.

You can customize what sites are searched (you’re not limited to just one) and how the results are ranked. Because we are a non-profit university we qualify for Public Service Search, so there are no ads on our results pages. Very Nice. Thanks, Google!

Check out the new Technology Services site – the search is in the footer for the site.

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