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Antikythera Decoded

Scientists using the latest X-Ray Tomography equipment have finally gotten a clear picture of the complex mechanism that represents the oldest known computer. The Antikythera was found in a shipwreck off the coast of Greece and dates from circa 200 BCE. The computer was used to track and predict moon cycles. Tony Freeth and Mike G. Edmunds from University of Cardiff, Wales, published their findings in the journal Nature. Here’s the NYT article.

Adobe Apollo and Flex

Just watched a demo of Adobe’s new Apollo cross-platform runtime environment. The developer’s release is due out in 1st quarter 2007. We have several projects in the works that will benefit greatly from this new tool. I can’t wait to sink my teeth into it. More information is available at Adobe Labs.On a related note, I am going to be doing a crash course into Flex Builder 2 and ActionScript 3 for a project with Tom Klingler (from Tulane) and Amanda La Fleur (from LSU). We’ll be building an online course for Cajun French. One of our target audiences is young Cajun musicians who would like to learn Cajun French to be able to practice their craft better.

I’d like to build the site with a combination of HTML and Flex with a MSSQL Server backend. I think Flex will be a nice fit, especially for the interactive exercises and multimedia presentation. I figure the less time I have to spend inside of the Flash 8 Pro IDE, the better. Looking forward to getting to know Flex Builder 2.

Replacing an Apple iPod Mini Battery

So my mom and dad weren’t using an iPod Mini they had laying around and the battery wasn’t holding a charge for more than an hour, so they asked if I wanted it. My wife didn’t have one of her own, so I figured I could get a replacement battery and change it myself. How hard can it be?

Turns out, it ain’t that hard at all. Did some quick Google searches and found a nice howto on C-Net:

Tutorial with Video

Ordered a replacement battery from

iPod Mini Battery Kit

It’s a higher capacity battery, so battery life should be longer. Sure beats paying $100 or more for someone else to replace it. $14.99 including tools.

If you want to see the guts of our new iPod Mini, take a look:

iPod Guts Flash Slideshow

One word of advice: Use a hair dryer to loosen the glue on the plastic covers on the top and bottom of the iPod before you start trying to pry them off. Much easier when warmed up.