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Macromedia Breeze Live and Tulane Distance Learning

Carrie Lee Schwartz of Tulane’s University College Media Arts Program became the first faculty member at the university to begin delivering a course completely using Tulane’s Macromedia Breeze meeting server on Tuesday, May 19th. The class, UMAR-470 – Digital Portfolio Development, will be meeting exclusively using the Tulane’s Breeze Live server and other supplemental content in Blackboard. The Breeze server allows live meetings using text, audio, and video. It has tools for showing presentations (such as Powerpoint files), polling, quizzing, and shared whiteboarding. And finally, it has a very nice screen sharing feature (the current version supports only PC screen sharing, but the new version supports Macintosh screen sharing, as well). Take a look at the interface in action (click the thumbnail for a larger version). We hope to roll the server out for general use by the Tulane community as soon as we have the latest version (Breeze 5) installed and configured. I’ll keep you posted.